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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Make Someone Happy - No.01: Up in the Air from Oh Joy on Vimeo.

Usually skeptical of enthusiastically contagious titles like 'Make Someone Happy', but this video really made my cold, hardened heart smile. :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Omg. This young 'un kills me dead! His dimples!! Awww..

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My cat, chichi is having a lot of difficulty with walking and eating. It has been like this for 3 days now. We have made our peace, and have had our little conversations with him. Thank you for 18 years of feline companionship. We love you, chi.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.

I thought this was funny and thought-provoking. It shows how we learn to deal with temptations and prioritise our lives even as kids! [via A Cup of Jo]

The kids' facial expressions at struggling not to eat the marshmallows were priceless! Just so they could have 2 marshmallows in the end. I wonder if those same kids who'd waited became well-reasoned, disciplined adults later in life. And the girl who pinched a little of the marshmallow to nibble and looked away innocently? Well, I thought I could picture an adult doing exactly the same thing!

When I asked myself what I would've done, I think I'd've been the kid who, when faced with 1 marshmallow on the plate, would walk away to play, then get the second marshmallow, and then place both in my pocket for later, or for sharing. And then forget all about them until my mom washed my clothes and found it all squished and melted and sticky. My mom can attest to several such incidences, involving biscuits or sweets I'd brought home from nursery, that got left in my pocket until laundry day. That just means I'm forgetful, right? Can't think of any other altruistic motives/excuses.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things to be happy about for today:

1. Managed to finish classes early, so me and J headed over for impromptu lunch at the canteen that's about to be demolished at the end of this month. Guess that is going to be our last time there.

2. When I looked at the clock on my dashboard, it showed 12:34 as I was driving out of school.

3. None of the fishies I bought 3 days ago have died. Yet.

4. Late night grocery shopping at NTUC. Go at 11pm = free parking right outside NTUC!

5. This post and its video made me smile.

6. These cool short clips on design, culture and ideas in the world. Some parts of which I'd never heard of! I'm loving the Monocle Podcasts. They're dangerously addictive, and much time has been lost - but in a happy way.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

This is such the darlingest most inspiring poster I've found in forever.
Available here.

Should I get one? Where'll I hang it? Happy decisions! :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

A ladybird bicycle bell I painted for my friend, using leftover acrylic paint from ten years ago in LaSalle!

The 'can't go wrong' pot o' succulents I re-potted as a giftie.

With more time on my hands this Christmas, I have noticed a lot more of my pressies to friends have become handmade. Not because I'm crafty, no, but hopefully because it shows more lurve has been put into it. And because it's got that simplicity and honesty that many mass-manufactured products sold in most stores seem not to have.

Less pretense, more suspense (when you don't know if the present is going to fall apart before or after giving your friend!).